Door Styles

Doors appear in several types to provide a unique sense of style and atmosphere. South Bay Rustic Doors offers several door types constructed by experienced craftsmen with the highest standards of quality.


Wood has been used to construct furniture, homes, and doors for centuries. Wood doors offer a distinctly traditional look that extends an inviting and comfortable atmosphere throughout the home.

We craft doors from several forms of wood. We focus on varieties that are dense and have natural properties that protect the door from pests and mold. Mahogany doors are popular for their rich color and association with elegance, providing your home with an air of sophistication.


Wood doors with glass bring more natural light into your home and open up your living spaces. We can modify existing doors using glass door inserts to create that illuminating effect.

French doors, also known as French windows, feature multiple panes of glass divided by wooden frames. French doors are a versatile design piece, and exterior French doors feature double-paned glass for added insulation.


Fiberglass front doors combine the durability of steel with the more traditional appearance of wood. Fiberglass is easy to install, energy efficient, and can be primed, painted, or stained. Fiberglass is best suited for areas with high foot traffic.

Whether you go with fiberglass, wood, or glass front doors, South Bay Rustic Doors is committed to creating unique, custom pieces that fit your specifications. Contact us now to design your own door.