Does Your Home need a Facelift?

Are you and your home on the outs? Or is that spark just beginning to dwindle? Many of us don’t have the means by which to upgrade to a newer home model these days, so falling back in love with your old-time abode is the next best thing. Maybe your good old home is just looking a little rough around the edges or you can’t quite put your finger on it, but your home seems to have aged ten years overnight. Well, just like a good haircut and a renewed exercise routine can help you straighten yourself up, a few minor tweaks can help you put the glitter back into your relationship with your house.

1. Invest in New Doors

Doors are often overlooked on the laundry list of home updates, but they can make a world of difference in your home’s appearance. After all, you use your doors every day as you go to and from your home. The front door and garage doors also make up a big percentage of your home’s overall external appearance. Replacing your old, worn out doors can give your home an immediate facelift and bring back its curb appeal. New doors can even change the entire feel of your home. If you’re looking at a plain cookie-cutter threshold, think about changing it out for something rich and rustic. Replacing your doors gives you the opportunity to upgrade something that’s functional and aesthetic at the same time.

2. Find New Floors

Your floors represent a very large surface area of your home. And just as vacuuming can be the quickest fix to make your home immediately appear cleaner, a new floor can make a drastic, immediate effect on your home’s appearance. A wood or laminate floor can do wonders for your home’s appearance as well as quell sensitive allergies. If a low-pile carpet is more your style, change out your current threads and replace them with a lighter color to make your home appear more spacious.

3. Replace Windows

Windows are another item that can work wonders for your relationship with your home. Outdated windows are a major factor in your home’s apparent age, and they also make an impact on the amount of light that enters your home. Upgrading your windows is not as expensive as you might originally think, and oftentimes it can even improve your home’s heat efficiency, offsetting the price of this update. Tax rebates for energy-efficient windows are another great reason to go ahead and change out your old windows for something brighter.

4. Trim It Up

Maybe all your home needs is a quick coat of paint to bring back that youthful glow. If your home’s trim is beginning to look a little drab, pull out the paint bucket and get to work on these important accents. This is a quick and cheap way to bring the life and luster back to your home’s exterior. Repainting baseboards and crown molding on the inside of your home can also help brighten up the surroundings for little more than the cost of a can of paint and a few painting accessories.

5. Update Accents

Are you still looking at that old chandelier in the foyer? Is that ancient porch light housing a colony of cobwebs? Updating small accents such as light fixtures that brighten up your home is another easy way to enliven your surroundings. Consider purchasing brighter, more modern light fixtures for key areas of your home, and use fun floor lamps and track lighting to highlight certain areas of each room. Changing the ambience of each area of your home can bring an entirely different feel to the space, reigniting your passion for your place.

If you and your home have hit a rough patch, smooth out those tired edges with some quick, affordable fixes. Curb appeal is for more than potential buyers; it’s also for homeowners. At the end of the day it’s important to be able to drive up to your home with pride, and to show off your hard work with enthusiasm. A simple paint job, some new light fixtures and windows, a threshold that makes an impression, and some fun new floors can help you turn over a new leaf in regard to your home.

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